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Youth Sailing Classes
Wet-Feet 2 is a 2 half-day introduction, and Wet-Feet 3 a 3-half day introduction to sailing, geared to the very young from 8 to 12 years old. They are taught the basics of safety on the water and sailing a small dinghy (Opti or Pico). It is a playful way to get acquainted with sailing, water and wind, and to see whether the student has the interest to carry on to the CANSail 1 program.

NOSA’s CANSail 1 lessons will teach about safety around water and boats. We introduce the student to the basics of sailing a two person dinghy and provide them with the foundations, such as terminology, wind reading, rigging the boat, safe navigation and boat handling. 

CANSail 2 courses will provide the participant further with the basics to enable them to safely navigate a small dinghy as crew and as skipper. Skills introduced in CANSail 1 are further developed. Graduates of the CANSail 2 program meet the minimum requirements to rent and skipper dinghies from most Sail Canada member sailing clubs across Canada including taking part in our NOSA Boat-Share program.

CANSail 3 & 4 classes will improve sailing skills in either or both: single - and double handed sailboats, and teach to sail efficiently and fast. Reason for taking these two classes may be simply to refine sailing skills, improve racing tactics, to work towards becoming a sailing instructor or all of these reasons combined. Upon achieving the CANSail 4 level the participant qualifies for further training toward instructor or coach status with Sail Canada, provided they are at least 16 years old. Some do take these CANSail 3 and 4 courses as a means to gain experience on the water while supervised, even if they feel obtaining a certificate is not essential to them.

Due to the sailing skills and the related physical strength required for this level of sailing, we suggest that the student is at least 13 years of age to be able to graduate from both these courses
Youth 2021 lessons
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Requirements: In order to ensure your child is registered, we must receive payment in full at least one week prior to the course


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